Thinkin', Bitchin' & Nursin'

About Me

I am an RN who has gone to school late in life.  Actually, I waited for my children to be grown and self-sufficient to finally accomplish some goals.  I currently work as a Hospice Case Manager/Nurse and I absolutely love what I do.

I find the older I get, the more cynical I seem to be.  However, if not for us cynics, what would the rest of you do? That being said, you may come here and find me talking about my job.  You may wander in and find that I am having a thoughtful day.  OR, you might stumble upon some real rants and raves.  Don’t judge!  I’ve come to WordPress to get away from the Blogger mentality.  I hope this rings true.

I have applied for my Master’s acceptance and thought it might be a good time to release some stress.  What better way than to anonymously put my thoughts out there in this outer space area we call the internet.

I have always loved writing, and hope that I entertain you if nothing else!



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