Thinkin', Bitchin' & Nursin'

Ugh! Pennies!!!

Who here has ever been in a hurry and just wanted a quick coffee from McDonald’s on their way to wherever they have to go? Well, I am a hospice nurse. In fact, I am the weekend on-call nurse. This means that I get called out any time of the day or night, from Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. straight up until Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. I love what I do! BUT…first thing in the morning…
I mean, sometimes I am called out after only four hours of sleep, like at 4:00 in the morning, with only a few hours of sleep.
A couple of weekends ago, I was called out at about 9:00 at night on Friday night only to get home at about 1:30 in the morning. Then I was called out Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. Believe me, I was tired. No problem. (I usually whine at our triage nurse when she calls about how I haven’t gotten enough sleep, then bitch while I’m getting ready, but then settle down once I’m in the car LOL!)

So I head on down the road thinking, “I’ll stop and get a coffee at McDonald’s…”

I pull up behind this brand new Kia…

In fact, the plate was still a cardboard temporary plate! Beautiful new Kia Sorento. And the lady was leaning out the window trying to bargain price her breakfast!

McDs: “Hello, welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order?”KIA LADY: “Yes, I’d like to get two Sausage Biscuits, two hash browns, hold on…how much will that cost so far?”McDs: “$5.85.”KIA LADY: “Ok…wait a minute…ok…how much would it be if you add two Big Breakfasts to that?”

McDs: “$12.85.”

KIA LADY: “Hold on…ummmmm…ok…wait a minute…ummmm…”


KIA LADY: “Ok, how much are the Big Breakfasts if you just give us pancakes and sausage and one biscuit?”

McDs: “It’s the same. We can’t change the price of the Big Breakfast if you alter it.”

KIA LADY: “How much is an order of pancakes then?”

McDs: “Well, if you get just pancakes then it’s $1,50.”

KIA LADY: “If you add sausage to that?”

McDs: “Then it’s a Big Breakfast price.”

KIA LADY: “How about if I just get a couple of Sausage Biscuits with the pancakes?”

McDs: “Then it would be $3.00 for two orders of pancakes and another $2.00 for the two Sausage Biscuits.”

KIA LADY: “Ummmm ok….wait a minute….ok….and my total would be?”

McDs: “$10.85.”


KIA LADY: “Hmmmm…and how much is another hashbrown?”

McDs: “$1.00.”

KIA LADY: “Ok, add one more hashbrown. That’s it. Can I have a total?”


McDs: “Ok, your total is 11.85, please pull around.”

I get to the window and am just….UGH!! I am really pissed off at this point because I should have been able to zip into line, get a coffee, and zippity-do-dah my ass right out.

McDs: “Welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order?”

ME: “I’d like a large coffee.”

McDs: “Any cream or sugar with that?”

ME: “No thank you.”

McDs: “Your total is $1.80, please pull around.”

So I pull around, and I have to wait, and wait and wait….and wait………………….still waiting…..

The guy behind the window finally opens the window and what do I see?


No lie!

So I chuckled and said, “Wow, I bet you’re glad I just ordered a coffee, huh?”


Some people have no sense of humor! (Of course, I was the one who was just recently screaming at the top of my lungs inside my closed car because I had to wait for coffee!)

So I handed him my debit card (HAHA!) to pay for my $1.80 coffee and went on my merry way! If I’d have had more time, I would have started counting the pennies in the center console of my car 🙂 This guy would have had a stroke!


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