Thinkin', Bitchin' & Nursin'

That’s Some Bull-Caca!!

I love my family. In fact, I am sure no one loves my family more than me. But when you are pushing 50 years old and have some goals, and you know you had your children young enough that you shouldn’t have to be supporting them, well…you get a little irritable when you are still supporting your children and can’t meet your well-planned goals.

My husband and I have planned for a few years now to put a house out on some property we bought land-contract a few years back. However, things don’t seem to be going our way. First, he had to foreclose on his house. We couldn’t afford the adjustable mortgage payments when the mortgage business took a hit. We were supporting seven people on only his income as I was unemployed. The bank foreclosed, the house was sold at less than a 1/3 of what was owed, and he ended up filing bankruptcy. My credit took a hit when I couldn’t afford to stay completely on time with my car payments. Oh, I ended up paying off the car last year, but my credit is screwed right now because of that particular bank (cough-WellsFargo-cough-cough).

Anyhow, trying to clean this mess up and shove as much money as possible in the bank just isn’t enough when you are supporting your son and his wife and your grandson. Nothing is happening as quick as I’d like. NOTHING.

No matter how hard I work. No matter how many hours. No matter how good my two-week paycheck is, and there have been some great ones, I just can’t seem to cut it. And should it happen that we cannot do this house thing this year, my own father is going to enjoy himself one big “I told you so!” because he insists we won’t ever be able to get a house anyhow due to the foreclosure. Funny, that won’t be it at all. Why? Because if my credit were better, I make enough to buy the house myself!

Maybe it’s time to forget about putting a house on the property, and start shopping for a home that someone is willing to rent to own to us instead. Then we can make payments and save at the same time, and eventually buy what we are renting. I don’t know. I need land. That’s the big issue. I don’t want a small lot. We could save the land we bought for something else someday. Hell, we could turn around and sell it when the time is right. I don’t know.

I only know that my dreams feel like they are crumbling, and my while talking to my daughter-in-law, she acted as if she didn’t give a shit. I’m sure she doesn’t. She has as much as said that she didn’t care about other people and their problems. I have no doubt I fall in that category because I keep talking about her getting a job. Well, she needs to work and stop being a slug.

If I have to put up with anymore of my daughter-in-law’s bullshit, I am going to need a lawyer. Why? Because she has an attitude that anyone would love to slap out of her. And having to put up with that attitude on a daily basis? That’s some bull-caca!!


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