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My sister, Terry, over at Oh For Pete’s Sake! has bothered me to get back into blogging, and I just had so much going on that I didn’t have anything to write about. Seriously, I was working full time, and even switched jobs twice during the past year. While I worked full time, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree. I really have had a full plate.
However, after having finished school, as I do every time I have time on my hands, I decided to start taking care of business so to speak. I went through our filing cabinet and got rid of the junk. I paid off some bills. I filed what all had to be filed away (after blowing the dust off the pile, of course). My desk was clean!
Once I take care of my OWN business, I usually find someone to help out. Well, the other day, I decided to help my youngest son out by filling out an online form for health insurance for he and his wife. Only, once I filled in the information to get the quote, it wanted a name, address, and phone number. I gave these people mine. I figured I would get some things in the mail, right?
I pressed that button…

…yeah. Get My Quote.
You know what that button should have said?

That’s right!
I swear to God and the Holy Grail, and I have witnesses, as soon as I pressed that “Get My Quote” button, my cell phone rang four times in a row! I would answer one call, and my call waiting would beep, and I would answer that, and then it would beep again!

ME: “Hello?”
HIM: “Hello, is this Kat?”
ME: “Yes.”
HIM: “Hi, Kat, this is Bob from I am calling you to discuss the various plans we have available for you. Can I verify some information?”
ME: “No, Bob, you may not. I did not want any phone calls. I was just trying to get an idea of what health insurance would cost my son and his wife. I saw that number online, and am satisfied enough for now.”
ME: “Hello?”
HER: “Hi, Kat?”
ME: “Yes…”
HER: “This is Maria with InsuranceSavings online. I have some quotes for you!”
ME: “Maria, I am not interested in quotes today. I just filled out the forms to get information for my son.”
HER: “Oh, is he home?”
ME: (Answering phone with huge sigh) “Hello?”
HER: “Hello, Kat?”
ME: “Yes…”
HER: “I am calling on behalf of Can I go over your quote request? I have some questions about the information you entered…”
ME: “Listen, obviously you can TELL from my voice that I am NOT a 24-year-old male and probably do NOT have a wife (although one would be good to have once in a while!). I am ALSO not 6’4″ and do NOT weigh 280 lbs.! And I am NOT interested in a quote! I was just trying to get information for my son.”
HER: “Oh. Is HE married?”
ME: “Yes, but that doesn’t matter! The information I wanted was online and I saw what I needed to see and when the time comes for him to shop for insurance, he will have the information he needs.”
HER: “Did you go with someone else, then?”
And on and on these calls kept coming. In fact, I received five more calls today and it’s been over 24 hours since I filled out the form! Thank the Powers that Be that I didn’t put my son’s phone number in that form!! He would have KILLED me! HA!
So I got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be fun if every form you filled out on the internet got you that kind of service? Like, what about this one:

Can you imagine pressing the button and having the FBI on the phone and the feds at their door immediately? WOW!

What about this one?
Hot, steaming pizza is now on the table!!
Wouldn’t THAT be convenient?
All I’m saying is that the world would be a better place, and the internet would be much more fun, if when we filled out a form, only the good things came quickly. Uninvited shit should remain just that! No where on that form did it say, “Call me!”
Delusional bullhockey?
I think NOT!

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  1. I'd like to fill out a form for housekeeping……

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